Pizzeria at La Cava dei Sapori Como

At La Cava dei Sapori, the kitchen's offerings are enhanced by a selection of specialty pizzas, prepared according to the traditional method, but distinguished by a contemporary creativity and unique ingredients.

A signature pizza with gourmet and classic offerings, using excellent selected raw materials and a special long-rising dough, perfected over the years.

Since 2018 among the best pizzerias in Italy of the Italian Slow Food Alliance.


The pizza of La Cava

Following traditional methods of preparation and baking in a wood-fired and gas oven while adding a creative accent, La Cava's signature Pizza Chef Mimmo pizzas are created from a special long-rising dough made from a blend of selected Italian flours from different grain varieties.

The result is gourmet pizzas, enriched with excellent ingredients, such as San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella from Campania.

A selection of special pizzas is dedicated to the Italian Slow Food Alliance and its other affiliated restaurants in the province of Como, using selected Slow Food Presidium products, such as Lake Como sun-dried missoltino fish, Salina caper and Salentina ogliarola oil.

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