La Cava dei Sapori Como Wine Bar

A true particularity of La Cava dei Sapori is its rich wine bar with a collection comprising more than 500 Italian and international labels, the result of careful research carried out with dedication for many years.

The various open wine displays that are surrounding the restaurant spaces allow guests to share a passion for wine among tastings, food pairings, stories and rarities.

The unique selection of fine wines is complemented by a choice of rare spirits and distilled liquors, as well as a small list of special and local craft beers.

Wine Bar
La Cava dei Sapori Como Wine Bar

The Wine Bar of La Cava

Born out of the passion and dedication of restaurateur Emanuele Riva, an award-winning sommelier (formerly second best sommelier in Italy and best professional sommelier in Lombardy), the wine cellar is the heart of La Cava dei Sapori, located in the center of the restaurant.

The particular selection includes a significant number of champagnes, some of the rarest labels in the world and wines from small producers, as well as a wide range of Italian sparkling and classic methods, aromatic, mineral and wood-passed white wines, ros├ęs and passito wines, verticals and long aging for Italian and French red wines, and finally organic and biodynamic wines.

Diners are directly involved in the selection of pairing wines together with the sommelier in a journey between food and wine, with the aim of satisfying the demands of even the biggest enthusiasts.

For the end of the meal, guests can indulge at the integrated Spirits Bar, with a choice of more than 200 bottles of rum, grappa, whiskey, cognac, gin and rare spirits.

Wine List
La Cava dei Sapori Como Wine Bar