Emanuele Riva – Sommelier

Before graduation, he was involved by his father in his first sommelier course. Emanuele became passionate about this new world, also thanks to several meeting with professionals of wines world. Some of them are today friends or colleagues and, over the years, they remained important references of experience and professionalism. Comparison with other realities is the fundamental incentive, to devote himself to the family restaurant and head towards improvement. That was the beginning of what, today, he use to call “his wine University”.

Emanuele has been collaborating for years with a group of young professionals, a kitchen and dining room team, united by the passion for catering, stimulated by innovation and research, moving to a continual improvement.

Ristorante Como

Ernest Dedgjonaj

Executive Chef

Year of birth: 1990
At La Cava dei Sapori since: 2009
Describe yourself: curious
Opinion of the colleagues determined

Pizzeria Como

Master Mimmo

Pizza Chef

Year of birth: 1995
At La Cava dei Sapori since: 2015
Describe yourself: passionate
Opinion of the colleagues imaginative

Dalila Di Cesare

Comis de Rang

Year of birth: 2002
At La Cava dei Sapori since: 2020
Describe yourself: radiant
Opinion of the colleagues collaborative

Ristorante Como

Adam Soule


Year of birth: 1995
At La Cava dei Sapori since: 2016
Describe yourself: willig
Opinion of the colleagues radiant