Pizzeria in Como

Our pizzeria offers numerous alternatives between gourmet pizza and traditional pizza. It offers the opportunity to enjoy an author's pizza with selected raw materials.

With our dough we guarantee the original preparation method that derives from a mixture of selected Italian flours, coming from different cereals and fed with mother yeast.

The preparation has been developed over the years and today the result is a wholemeal dough, with a low gluten content that rises between 48 and 72 hours. In compliance with the leavening rules, it gives us a healthy, digestible and fragrant pizza.

The choice and selection of DOP products such as San Marzano tomato and buffalo mozzarella from Campania, is combined with the use of Slow Food Presidium products such as sun-dried Missoltino from Lake Como or Salina caper.
We are supporters of this philosophy which is based on the identification of rare, local and organic flavors, capable of enhancing and making our pizzas unique.


Starting from 2018, La Cava dei Sapore becomes part of the best
Italian Slow Food Movement Pizzerias.