beverage in the glass

Bar room: features 35 seats.

Spirits and everything is part of the world of distillates is very important for La Cava dei Sapori. Emanuele Riva’s passion for service and sommelerie find an extension into the spirits world.

For a worthy end of the meal, our counter bar can offer more than 200 bottles of rum, grappa, brandy, mezcal, whiskey, cognac, armagnac and gin. Spirits can also be tasting at the beginning of the meal or as a simply mixed long drinks, so to enjoy cocktails, made with high quality ingredients.

A special attention towards beer and the lovers of this beverage could not fail: we offer a small beer list, split up by typology, from international, local and artisan origin. Last but not least our draft beer; that give our guests the opportunity to meet the excellence of the breweries surrounding Como.